First Eight Chung Kuo Covers

Here you go: the first Chung Kuo covers from the forthcoming re-re-release. Click on each image for the full size version. I think they look better together than they do individually and will stand beautifully on the bookshelf (or e-reader).

13 thoughts on “First Eight Chung Kuo Covers”

    1. I’m looking forward to what the complete set of spines looks like on my bookshelf. That is going to be an exciting day.

  1. For the love of Crom please make sure they are all the same size too!

    Drove me nuts when I got the Corvus versions and they went with a larger trade paperback size from The Middle Kingdom onward…

  2. Question for David,

    Are there any plans for audio books? Over the last couple years I have started to quite enjoy listening to books. I especially enjoyed the solo reading of The Martian and the full cast recordings of the first few Dune books.

    It would be great to hear someone’s reading of Chung Kuo.


    1. I second that question. I was shopping Audible today for good long books to listen too.

      Remembered this huge series about Chinese cities covering the planet that I listened to 10(20?) years ago – finally used my google-fu to figure out the author/series name and I see an update is in progress.

      Please consider an audio-book release. I’d buy them on audible if they ever made their way there!

      P.S. thanks from young me, I remember being enthralled by the series like few others.

  3. Is there any difference between the this new edition and the previous editions from the previous publisher? New art scattered throughout the books or revised text?

  4. Hi Wil, I believe these new editions will be same as published before, but now with a committed delivery schedule (yay!) I thought David or Matt had answered this question but I’ve looked through this (marvelous) site have couldn’t find it in concrete. David mentions the last four have been revised and rewritten, but I don’t know if that means from the original sequence (which were always going to be rewritten) or a revision of the new version.

    1. The talk about “the last four” is referring to volumes 17-20 (The Father of Lies, Blood and Iron, King of Infinite Space, The Marriage of the Living Dark), where David is completely rewriting what was the original book 8 (The Marriage of the Living Dark). There was also talk about some relatively minor changes in some of the earlier books (roughly volumes 12-16) to help tie in parts of the story with the new ending.

      I still have the edition comparisons as a project on my plate to do some day, but it is on the back burner for a little while.

  5. After receiving my copy of The Master of Time lead me to search Chung Kuo, a favourite of mine since the first weekend the paperback version of The Middle Kingdom was released.
    Delighted to read that we are getting the end the story deserved.
    Like the new covers, but my favourite is still the style of the first three UK paperbacks.
    Agree with comment about keeping them the same size, but would also say, keep the same style, but ultimately it the contents, the story, which matters.
    I’ll go back to lurking, and monitor for the release dates of the last four books and keep everything crossed that we can get physical books.
    Hopefully a great TV series will highlight the series and encourage sales of the books ensuring we are all satisfied.

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