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Hot off the presses: foreign rights to the new Chung Kuo series have sold in Turkey (in addition to the previously secured France and Indonesia). They’re going to run 1,000 copies of Son of Heaven and Daylight on Iron Mountain to test the waters in a country that isn’t known for its huge sci-fi following.

Also, word on the street is that Mr. Wingrove is about a third of the way through a new Chung Kuo story (probably a short story), One Moment of Bright Intensity. No details about the plot or how it fits into the Chung Kuo universe just yet, but I will post more news as it comes.

Lastly, new contributors (notably Adam from The Wertzone) to the Chung Kuo Wiki at Wikia have been hard at work making updates and providing some structure to the pages. It’s coming along nicely. If you don’t already know, anybody can contribute to the wiki, including YOU – the goal is to make it an encyclopedia of all things in the Chung Kuo universe.

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  1. Nice work Matt. I have been checking out a lot of blogs lately in a search to find things that can make my own pop a bit more when I realised just how professional this one looks. Not only that, but you really are keeping up to date with all the changes to the Chung Kuo publishing mini-verse. Not long now till the next installment. My local bookshop has my number ready to call when it arrives. Have not been this excited about a new book in a long time.


    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I first read the original Chung Kuo series starting in around 1998 or so, and ever since then I had hoped to be a part of something involving other fans, so it’s my absolute pleasure to maintain this site. Regarding the look of the site – I wish I could take all the credit, but it is based on an existing WordPress template (Adventure: that I heavily altered and edited to fit what I was imagining. Thanks again for the comments. I also can’t wait for the next volume!!

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