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You may have noticed (but hopefully didn’t) some downtime with this site. Without going into needless detail, let’s just say that web host GoDaddy doesn’t receive high marks from me as a client. However, all’s resolved now, and you can rest assured that this site isn’t going anywhere, at least until the Chinese take over and build a city of ice over my house. The staff here at Of Gifts and Stones (read: me) remain committed to bringing you all things Chung Kuo and Wingrove.

In better news, David reports that he reported to the Corvus offices last Monday to sign and date the special editions of The Broken Wheel.

13 thoughts on “Site outage and news bit”

  1. I think this is another site to fold over. The problem with Chung Kuo is that there is not enough new material to perk up the appetites of the fans like me. David should write some in between sequels/novels and insert them in the works. This will whet the appetites of the readers.

    1. Jun,

      This site isn’t folding over. Yes, I admit that updates are sporadic, but I post news and updates as I hear them. Book publishing isn’t the type of thing where news is constantly breaking and there are consistent, frequent updates. This isn’t CNN – it’s a fan blog for a book series published by a small publishing outfit.

      As far as David’s contributions… this isn’t the official Chung Kuo website and his contributions are done out of his own generosity. When I started this site, I had never been in touch with David and I never had any idea that he would offer anything to the site – I just wanted to host a place where I could consolidate host things found elsewhere on the internet to coincide with the series reboot (these are the entries in The Vault). We, the fans, have been extraordinarily lucky that he’s shared stories like Paperhouse and Black Stone, White, at no cost to fans and no gain for him, as well as occasional personal blog posts.

      I’m a 15 year fan of these series and I run this site as a hobby, paid out of my own pocket, and I have no plans on abandoning the site of the Chung Kuo fan community. Rest assured that as soon as there’s something to report about Chung Kuo, it’ll be posted here. Similarly, if David sends something my way, it will get posted as soon as possible, as it always has been.


      1. Well said. Matt! Thank you for your hard works. I, too have been a fan of David’s Chung Kuo since 1997. I have been scouring the web for the latest news and cannot find any that is later than your site except for the latest cover in vol 7. Hope the will be some good news soon.

  2. Dear Matt,

    Eventhough, I hardly ever post replies here, I do regularly read this blog and always eagerly await any news that you bring us.

    Your work is greatly appreciated.


  3. Matt,

    As others have said, thank you for creating and maintaining this site. It is the best source for everything Chung Kuo, and I check it on a daily basis, if not more, just on the hope that there’ll be some new piece of news or some leak of a story from David.

    If you ever need a hand in keeping things going, let me know. I might be able to throw in a few bucks or a few hours work, if requested.

    As it is, I am currently trying to get “my” copies of the original series back from my dad. As soon as that happens (and I manage to get some time to work on it), I hope to do a side-by-side of the original books and the new series. I’ll be able to post this in either the forum or the wiki, as a more thorough answer to the repeated question of “Are the new books worth it?”.

    Reid, AKA Goonda

    1. Reid,

      Thanks for the kind words. You’ve always been a valued contributor to the site. Your offers of work hours and bucks aren’t necessary, but if there’s anything you feel like contributing to the site aside from comments (thoughts, reflections, reviews, fan fictions, whatever), we could work something out where you’d have an account and publishing rights on the site. You’re one of the few I’d trust. Let me know if you’re interested.

      Thanks again for your kind words and frequent comments.


      1. On the news front, here are some recent reviews:

        David’s new series “Roads to Moscow” seems to have been locked in by the Random House publishing group in both eBook and physical versions:

        And David is doing another Sci Fi writing seminar in London this Sunday:

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