Chung Kuo: The Return (again)

Greetings from the past! I’ve jumped in from June 10 via Four-Oh. Tonight, Mrs. Ofgiftsandstones and I are traveling to Asia: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo for a much needed holiday. I won’t have easy access to a computer, so I’m pre-scheduling this post to remind all loyal Chung Kuo fans that the re-re-issue is out today! Take a look at Amazon UK!

As of June 10, it looks like the first 8 books have a release date of June 22, so hopefully all those editions are up for grabs today.

Leave any thoughts in the comments below (although I’ll be a little slow to respond for a week or two).


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  1. For those that don’t follow David on Twitter and/or Facebook, orders are now being accepted for signed copies of the first 8 books. If you order the whole set it’ll set you back 90 GBP + shipping. Susan told me that 2 day shipping within the UK would be ~10 GBP. I’m still waiting on shipping cost to the US (Washington State).

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