Daylight on Iron Mountain now available on US Kindle

Commenter Rob M sent along some very good news: Daylight for the US Kindle is now available from here and is selling for a song at less than $5, as of now. So, if you’re one of the few who hasn’t tinkered with the region settings on the Yankee Kindle and would like to pick up a copy of the excellent second installment to the reissued Chung Kuo franchise, there’s no better time than the present!


An English Boy At The London Book Fair

David just sent along a blog post – a retelling of an… interesting… experience at the London Book Fair. It’s a good read. Thanks David!

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An English Boy at the London Book Fair

A blog – Saturday 21st April 2012

Wednesday (the 18th) was the third and final day of the London Book Fair, held, as usual, at Earls Court. It’s a massive venue and, with all the stands and all the people milling around, does much to convince an author that they’re the smallest and least important cog in this great machine we call publishing.

Now, I’m not a regular attendee of these gatherings. Someone has commented that taking an author to the Book Fair is rather like taking a cow along to view the abattoir, but that aside, I was there this year – paying my £45 fee – because the guest of honour for this year’s Fair was China. Continue reading An English Boy At The London Book Fair

The Year Ahead

I’ve just received some bits of news; I know some of us have been a little worried about the lack of updates, but all’s well in the world of Chung Kuo:

  • In June, we’ll see a paperback version of Daylight on Iron Mountain (in the UK).
  • In August, we’ll have The Middle Kingdom (Book 3) in special hardback, trade paperback, and e-book editions.
  • Ice and Fire (Book 4) will release before the end of the year.
  • Thereafter, three books a year will be released for the next five and a half years.
  • Nic Cheetham, publishing director at Corvus/Atlantic and long time Chung Kuo advocate, has completed his anticipated departure from Corvus, and the Chung Kuo program has transitioned into the “more than capable” hands of editor Sara O’Keefe.
  • Efforts are still being made toward finding American distribution, possibly with another arm of Atlantic Books. Still no word for and official version of Daylight on the U.S. Kindle, but, in case you don’t know already, a workaround exists.

I also hear that David will resume blogging on the official site within the coming weeks, which is great. I, for one, miss my daily dose of Wingrove. That’s all for now! Zaijian!