Release date and cover for CK Book 11: Upon a Wheel of Fire

Today, David Wingrove announced the release date of the Fragile Books release of Chung Kuo Book 11: Upon a Wheel of Fire: July 11, 2019, less than three months away. He also shared the cover of the volume which continues with the Jim Burns-created dragon ouroboros motif, this time in fiery orange (makes sense).

Good timing for me, personally, on this, as I’ve just finished the delayed Kindle version of Book 10: The Stone Within. Here’s to hoping there are no snags with the Kindle version of Book 11!

5 thoughts on “Release date and cover for CK Book 11: Upon a Wheel of Fire”

  1. looks like it will really take until 2023 (?) until all books are released. Well, then I will finish it on the original books, and then read each in peace when the revised version is there.

    Luxury problems, I guess 😉

    1. Surely you mean 2028? If we’re looking at one release per year?

      Something tells me 2023 is hugely optimistic as far as getting the entire series goes.

      1. i refuse to even contemplate that. I think he mentioned a schedule once on his page, something akin to 2023 or 24. But yes, with that horrible speed…

        Most annoying is, I do not know what changed in the revised books so far, aside the prequels and the new ending. No idea if the rest (old book 1-5) are still the same now. Waiting for the July one, then I will finish with the old books. Just read #9 and #10 a few weeks ago, 10 is the first new one for me (I ended once with the discontinued german series, than again with corvus that stopped even earlier. So finally new material after so much waiting and holding out).

        I am however really curious why it takes so long?

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