The Master of Time (Roads to Moscow, Book 3) now available for preorder

Big thanks to Kaneda for pointing out the The Master of Time, the third and final book in David Wingrove’s Roads to Moscow trilogy, is now available for pre-order with a release date of April 6, 2017. So far only the Kindle edition is appearing on US Amazon, but the Kindle and paperback versions are on Amazon UK. Here’s the cover and description:


As the German and Russian forces seek to destroy a third, seemingly-unstoppable faction, Otto Behr reluctantly finds himself at the centre of all timelines, his very existence the catalyst by which reality itself will be reset or destroyed.

But for Otto, the battle to become the Master of Time has become a fight for family, love and reality itself…

I know there’s been concern about if and when we’d see this book, so this is good news for all of us, despite the fact that we still have a bit to wait.

Pre-order on or on


Mr. Wingrove checks in. And yes, a plan is in the works to roll out something exciting. More to come.

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Sue’s up in Manchester, at a short term conference for Coronation Street, leaving me down here in London, furiously self-motivating myself to get Book Three of the time travel trilogy – THE MASTER OF TIME – written. And?

Well, it isn’t easy. I think I have the rough shape of the ending, but I have a problem. ROADS TO MOSCOW isn’t an easy book to end. Continue reading Backwards

Review Roundup: The Empire of Time

I had so wanted to write a detailed review of Book 1 of Roads to Moscow: The Empire of Time, but with family members in the hospital, craziness at work, etc., etc., it just hasn’t happened. So, here’s the abbreviated version:

It’s awesome. Go read it. The Empire of Time has the beautiful prose that we’ve come to expect of Wingrove, but with a story so unique and different from Chung Kuo that it’s refreshing and new. If you’re looking for Chung Kuo with Time Travel in Russia, you’re not going to find it. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the time travel trope with the epic scale and action-packed drama that is reminiscent of Chung Kuo, you’ll love EoT, and you’ll be left eagerly awaiting the rest of the trilogy.

If that’s not quite enough for you, here are the couple reviews floating around the internet from people who have way more free time than me (or do this for a living). If anyone finds other reviews, let me know and I’ll append them to this post.

From SFX:
4/5 “It’s immense fun for anyone who likes their SF writ really large…”

From Tor:
“In The Empire of Time, David Wingrove demonstrates once again the impeccable sense of setting that made even the more mundane moments of Chung Kuo remarkable […] The Empire of Time could be the beginning of something brilliant.”

A Quiet Week

David’s sent a long a brief update piece. Full text after the break. Enjoy!


A Quiet Week

The chaos that is Easter is fast receding, the relatives have gone home, and Sue and I are back to work – she on her Corrie scripts (which have a lot of rewriting to do), me on completing the first draft of ROADS TO MOSCOW, Book Three.

Before the shut-down happened, I was struggling with the final section – 3 scenes – of Part Thirteen, “Pretzel Logic”. And by struggling, I really mean struggling. What was emerging onto the page was certainly not up to my usual standard, nor was it properly focused in terms of story.

In fact, I might as well have hired a chimpanzee for a week. Continue reading A Quiet Week

Amidst the Chaos Of Time…

David’s just sent this along. Some good news, plus personal responses to a few of your recent comments. Full text after the break.


Amidst the Chaos Of Time…


Publication day has come and gone. This week the London Book Fair dominates all of our publishing ventures, and I’ve been promised by Ebury that ROADS TO MOSCOW will be given a big push at the Fair, to try and find a foreign home for the trilogy, and, all important, a North American publisher.

But before going into all of that… Continue reading Amidst the Chaos Of Time…

Coming Up For Air…

David, after a somewhat long period of silence, has reappeared with some news and updates. Full text below the break. Big thanks to him for sending!


Coming Up For Air…

I know… I’ve been silent, very silent indeed. And you might be forgiven for wondering what the **** I’ve been up to. The answer is that I’ve been fully immersed, fifty fathoms deep, in writing the third and last of the ROADS TO MOSCOW books – THE MASTER OF TIME. What previously only existed as notes and a long synopsis is now a partially completed manuscript of 55,000 words, with another 3,000 or so words being added every day. Roughly about a third of the way through this final volume. The plan is to get it finished by the end of June and then to give it a final fine polish. Continue reading Coming Up For Air…

Out with the old and in with the new

Out with the old: A while back, I wrote about Kowloon Walled City, an area of Hong Kong, now demolished, that was seemingly a hotbed for lawlessness, chaos, and corruption. It turns out, this site’s forum was turning into its own kind of Kowloon Walled City, filled with spambots trying to take over, with 20,000+ spam posts in some areas. They’re smarter than captchas and other anti-spam measures, and when this site’s host, GoDaddy, issued a warning that they would take punitive measures since the forum database had reached 4 gigs of data (an insane number for a text-based forum), it became apparent that, just like Kowloon Walled City, the authorities (me) would have to bulldoze it. You’ll see the forum link is no longer there, and I sincerely apologize that the records of some interesting and thought-provoking conversations are now lost to the ether. I will be investigating a more sustainable forum solution, as I don’t want that part of our community to disappear forever – suggestions are welcome from those with experience in the area.

In with the new: Some exciting news on the Roads to Moscow front. Here’s the final cover for Book 1: The Empire of Time, complete with tagline: “In a war across millennia, history will be rewritten…”

Click the image for full-size.

The image should be live on the listing within the week, where, by the way you can pre-order the book (in Kindle or paperback versions), which will be released on April 3, 2014.