French Wingrove interview from 2009

Here’s an interview from the French television program Etonnants Voyageurs, in which David was part of an interview panel in 2009. David’s the first one interviewed, and if you don’t speak French, don’t fret. David speaks in English during his segments. You also get to catch a glimpse of the very different cover of Zhongguo: la montagne blanche, the French version of the original series The White Mountain. The worthwhile parts in the video are at 1:00 and 32:00.

Pierre BORDAGE, David WINGROVE, Serge BRAMLY : Inclassables? from Étonnants Voyageurs on Vimeo.

One thought on “French Wingrove interview from 2009”

  1. Great interview. French readership is interesting, imo. They retain enthusiasm and appreciate good literature long after western myopic puplishers pronounce trend shifts, and they respect good authors. There’s still titles from Shea that are still published in France.

    And David, your fans want the beard back 😀

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