Of Lemmings and Blogs

The official Chung Kuo website, it seems, is a vast cliff, and each one of Mr. Wingrove’s insightful blog updates are like lemmings: doomed to eventually follow their brethren off the edge to their deaths, never to been seen or heard from again. Actually, lemmings don’t do that – it’s a Disney-perpetuated myth – but the older entries on the official page have dropped off entirely. The staff here at the Of Gifts and Stones headquarters (ha!) feel that this valuable material shouldn’t go the way of the lemming, and like we’ve done with so much other material of Mr. Wingrove’s, we’re going preserve those entries here for posterity. Starting in the next day or two, expect to see the first of several of these classic posts. In the meantime, you’ve already got your fill of reading material at the official site with Mr. Wingrove posting a blog every day for the next 98 days – so check those out before the disappear off the edge as well!

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