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Despite what conclusions you might draw from the picture above, I’m actually not obsessed (that is, going by the clinical definition of the word), but I do find myself compelled to buy any copies of Chung Kuo novels I see when visiting any used bookstores. That’s led to the modest collection you see here. It’s not a creepy stalker fixation — it started with just wanting the ability to lend the book freely to friends and family without worry of getting it back (no one ever returns borrowed books; that’s a universal truth) and it just sort of grew from there. All eight books of the original series are represented here, at least once. There was a time when Marriage of the Living Dark could go used for roughly $150 on the used market, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. MotLD runs around $45 or so on AbeBooks these days.

Happily, I now have one more book to add to the collection… the limited edition Son of Heaven, numbered and signed, imported from England, still in shrinkwrap… how it will remain for the foreseeable future.

Anyone else have a Chung Kuo shelf collection?

PS – Yes, those are the Myst books on the left side. Where else would I put those?

Son of Heaven: Out in hardcover now!

On this day, back in 1857, the Second Opium War was started when Britain and France declared war on the Qing Dynasty of China after it refused to open its ports and legalize the opium trade. The aftermath set the stage for the next century and a half of relations between China and the UK, culminating in the return of Hong Kong to Communist China in July 1997.

Coincidentally, Son of Heaven has just arrived in hardcover. Go get it. And if you’re in London, make it a point to head out for the launch party! If you’re in the states, you can import it from Amazon UK here.

Son of Heaven Launch Party!

Mr. Wingrove will be officially launching the hardcover version of Son of Heaven on Thursday, March 3, at the Forbidden Planet Megastore on Shaftesbury Ave in London at 6pm. It’s a bit of a trek for us Yanks, and I won’t be making the cross-Atlantic voyage. But, if you’re in the area, it’ll be an event not to be missed. I understand he’ll be doing some signing and talking about the series and all that good stuff.

Here’s the link on the Forbidden Planet site:

Although not stated on that site, I’m told that you should RSVP with Mr. Wingrove’s publicist, Becci Sharpe, via e-mail at beccisharpe [at]

A Great Wheel Turning

A Great Wheel Turning is Mr. Wingrove’s primer to the original series and some of its over-arching themes. Those new to the series are advised that not much of this will make sense for another several books. There are some serious spoilers herein, so newcomers are advised to skip it. Veterans are sure to appreciate. Full text after the break…

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