Book 12 and 13 updates

Many thanks to site commenter Ross for providing an update about the status of Book 12 (Beneath the Tree of Heaven) and Book 13 (Song of the Bronze Statue). He writes that David Wingrove let him know:

Hey Ross, the cover’s just in. Book is typeset. So going into production next week. Sorry for the delay. I’m hoping book 13 will be following not too long afterwards. Cheers, David

Hopefully this is good news for those of us who have been waiting for any news since the publication of Upon a Wheel of Fire in November of last year.

6 thoughts on “Book 12 and 13 updates”

  1. I wonder what DW makes of the current goings on around the world.

    Now would have been a great time for a blog post from him.

  2. David posted an update on his facebook with the cover ob book 12. It is – of course – now also delayed due to Covid-19. Or, as the orange muppet said, “the chinese virus”. There is a certain irony here 😉

  3. I am a retired Community College Economics teacher. I have been fascinated with China for years. I love your Chung Kuo series. Can’t wait for 13 to be released in the U. S.

    Wish the best to UK and EU. Our new government is doing better.

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