The Year Ahead

I’ve just received some bits of news; I know some of us have been a little worried about the lack of updates, but all’s well in the world of Chung Kuo:

  • In June, we’ll see a paperback version of Daylight on Iron Mountain (in the UK).
  • In August, we’ll have The Middle Kingdom (Book 3) in special hardback, trade paperback, and e-book editions.
  • Ice and Fire (Book 4) will release before the end of the year.
  • Thereafter, three books a year will be released for the next five and a half years.
  • Nic Cheetham, publishing director at Corvus/Atlantic and long time Chung Kuo advocate, has completed his anticipated departure from Corvus, and the Chung Kuo program has transitioned into the “more than capable” hands of editor Sara O’Keefe.
  • Efforts are still being made toward finding American distribution, possibly with another arm of Atlantic Books. Still no word for and official version of Daylight on the U.S. Kindle, but, in case you don’t know already, a workaround exists.

I also hear that David will resume blogging on the official site within the coming weeks, which is great. I, for one, miss my daily dose of Wingrove. That’s all for now! Zaijian!

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  1. Great news! I have still been checking the official blog site on a daily basis waiting for the next update. I can totally understand why he dropped it for a while, writing all those updates eats up a lot of time. It just would have been nice to give us an “I’m still alive and working” post. I’m looking forward to the next update.

    Two books by the end of the year is going to be great. I would imagine that it will be a December release for Ice and Fire, and we should expect April, August, and December release dates for the remainder of the series, to maintain the announced 4 month intervals.

  2. Thanks for the update. I have been patiently awaiting a Canadian version of Daylight for the Kindle.

    If figure if I do the workaround, they’d never see the Canadian sale and decide there’s no demand for future releases in Canada.

  3. Hopefully you can answer my question… So is the Middle Kingdom only being released in the ‘Special’ Hardback? Or will there be a regular hardcover release(as well as the rest of the series) like the first 2 books? I am a huge collector, and am so nervous of the continuity of these releases…My biggest fear is they will stop being released in hardcover and only trade paperback as best. has The Middle Kingdom listed to ship out in 6 to 9 days if ordered now, but I am assuming it is the ‘special hardcover’ ? Because the price is 63.95 pounds!! So will there be the regular hardcover releases and all subsequent books in the series released in regular hardcover??

    1. It appears as though from here on out, we’re only getting special hardcover, trade paperback, and e-book. The info above is directly from David and doesn’t mention the standard hardcover, and the publisher’s site for The Middle Kingdom ( only lists the trade paperback and the e-book. I think that hardcover you’re seeing on Amazon is the special one, considering the price. Are you collecting the standard ones or the special ones?

      1. I am collecting the standard ones. I love the design and cover art of the standard hardcovers. The special hardcovers are in that slipcase cover with no cover art, correct? Uhhhh KNEW this would happen….I am always disappointed with the continuity of a series with UK publishers. The special hardcover listed on has the cover art displayed….but am I to assume that is incorrect?

        1. Yeah, the special editions are in a slipcover. You don’t see Larry Rostant’s art, unfortunately, but the gold embossing is very nice. And I would, indeed, assume that the photo on Amazon is incorrect.

          1. ….Well looks like trade paperback it is then…Really unfortunate. I guess David has no control over this?? With how many books I buy monthly, it’s a good thing I am not collecting the special hardcovers anyways I suppose…$100 a pop ever 3 or 4 months? Pricey!
            It the date for The Middle Kingdom pushed to October? That’s the date I am seeing everywhere…

          2. The special editions of both books 1 & 2 do include the cover art that you see on the standard hardback and trade paperback editions.

            The outer slip cover has the foil embossing, inside the slip cover is the hard cover, which also has some foil embossing, and inside that is the endpaper which is printed with the cover art at both the front and back.

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