Book 13 cover and delay; CK short story forthcoming

David Wingrove has posted an update on his Facebook page with a few new updates, including the cover for the Fragile Books re-release of Chung Kuo Book 13: Beneath the Tree of Heaven. Unfortunately, publication of the volume has been delayed because of the COVID-19 situation.

However, he teased the release of a Chung Kuo short story, presumably to be published on his own website or that of Fragile Books. Good news indeed!

While you patiently wait on this story, remember that there a couple of his Chung Kuo short stories here on this this site: Paperhouse and Black Stone, White.

More news at it arrives!

2 thoughts on “Book 13 cover and delay; CK short story forthcoming”

  1. Hey there,

    Has there ever been any comment from David on kobo as a store to purchase Chung Kuo novels?

    I purchased books one to seven back in the nineties, and gladly repurchased the first eight revised novels in the from kobo about ten year back.
    But ever since then with the new publisher none of the Chung Kuo novels are available on Kobo, even though the Time trilogy is there…

    I am not a kindle customer.

    Kind regards. Jbt

  2. Book Depository just notified me Beneath the Tree of Heaven is on it’s way to them and they will ship to me as soon as it arrives!

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