Brad Murgen’s “Chung Kuo: Last Call for Greatness”

Brad Murgen, author and Chung Kuo fan, sent along a link to his review and commentary of the original 8-book series, which he jumped into after reading Son of Heaven and Daylight on Iron Mountain by finding used copies on eBay (which I’ve recommended avoiding if you can help it). His reflections are very thorough, and Brad reaches the same conclusions most readers do upon finishing the series.

If you’re a series veteran, it’s a nice read — it’s sure to bring back fond memories and fuzzy feelings of when you first went through the series. Highly recommended. If you’re new to the series, beware of the (clearly marked) serious, hardcore, detailed, ending-ruining spoilers – many or most of which may not even apply in the recasting. Read at your own risk.

Here’s the link:

Thanks Brad!

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