Review Roundup: The Empire of Time

I had so wanted to write a detailed review of Book 1 of Roads to Moscow: The Empire of Time, but with family members in the hospital, craziness at work, etc., etc., it just hasn’t happened. So, here’s the abbreviated version:

It’s awesome. Go read it. The Empire of Time has the beautiful prose that we’ve come to expect of Wingrove, but with a story so unique and different from Chung Kuo that it’s refreshing and new. If you’re looking for Chung Kuo with Time Travel in Russia, you’re not going to find it. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the time travel trope with the epic scale and action-packed drama that is reminiscent of Chung Kuo, you’ll love EoT, and you’ll be left eagerly awaiting the rest of the trilogy.

If that’s not quite enough for you, here are the couple reviews floating around the internet from people who have way more free time than me (or do this for a living). If anyone finds other reviews, let me know and I’ll append them to this post.

From SFX:
4/5 “It’s immense fun for anyone who likes their SF writ really large…”

From Tor:
“In The Empire of Time, David Wingrove demonstrates once again the impeccable sense of setting that made even the more mundane moments of Chung Kuo remarkable […] The Empire of Time could be the beginning of something brilliant.”

One thought on “Review Roundup: The Empire of Time”

  1. Awesome book so far (halfway through)! However, a note from a native German speaker: Most of the German words used (i.e. “Reisende”) are either spelled wrong or used in the wrong form (previous mentioned should be “Reisender”). Maybe on purpose, and I guess the majority of English readers couldn’t care less…but when that much work and talent went into a book, such things should be as intended?

    In any case, a splendid read. Don’t want to wait one year for the second volume!

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