Chung Kuo: Empire of Butter

David sends along this short bit of self-deprecating humor. I’m hoping for a short story one of these days.

I’m not sure if this comes before or after The Mooooooo-dle Kingdom in the sequence, but I’m sure The Dispigsionist faction will give the Cows some trouble on the farm.

Have your own Chung Kao puns? Leave them in the comments.


Chung Cow… Empire of Butter

In an udder reality, the cows have taken over. Worse than that… they’re Chinese Kaos and they think
the grass is greener, here in the West. As their mile-high barns cover the planet, they mean to milk
their enemies dry. Under the great tyrant Dung Chew, they are out to extend their great empire of
butter out into the universe.

“Perhaps the best epic series ever written about cheese!” – The Farmyard Chronicle

“Gets butter and butter… a true udder-puller!” – The Milker Monthly

“As smooth as a pale of milk!” – The Denver Dairyman

“Best in its field!” – Cow, Sheep and Chicken Weekly


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