The Middle Kingdom (eBook) on sale at

The Middle Kingdom (Kindle edition) is currently on sale on both ($9.79, originally $14.57). That’s about 30% off, so get it while the gettin’s good. No discount on, from what I’m seeing. Apple’s iBooks store is currently listing it at $13.99 in the U.S., if you’re anti-Kindle.

Thanks to Gary for the tip. More as it comes in.

Clarification: For you ink-and-paper types, The Middle Kingdom will be released on October 18th, currently at $19.26/£10.49.

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  1. I guess this blurb is talking e-books, so to clarify for the rest of you analog media types (like me), book 3 is on sale at for $19.26 in hardcover, and £10.49 (reduced from £14.99 as of August 1) on, also in hardcover.

      1. Got hard back in PAPERBACK! Contacted and was informed that the original posting of that book was in error, and that the hard back version was about five times more expensive (in dollars). I was very annoyed at them for not notifying me in all the months in advance of the publication. Buyer beware!

    1. Ah, the elusive Tranceport CD. I’ve looked for a copy of that CD too… with no luck. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere; I’d love to get my hands on it.

  2. This is weird, but I just saw Daylight on Iron Mountain available for kindle again on Amazon’s U.S. site just now. Those of you who don’t have it yet might want to snatch a copy before it disappears again.

    1. It is also worth noting, that kindle apps are available for most platforms. Personally, I read most of my kindle books on my android kindle app (free on google play) when I am away from home or on my laptop browser (kindle cloud reader is available at

      However, if you have issues with Amazon, then these alternate sources should be great options for you. Personally, I like to support local companies and for me that includes Seattle-based

  3. Am I the last citizen of Chung Kuo that still enljoys the heft, texture and weight of a book in my hands? still has November 27.
    Can’t wait for the weight.

    “I cannot live without books.”
    -Ben Franklin

    1. You are not. I have the special editions of all 3 releases so far (got #150 of 150 on The Middle Kingdom). Plus I have 2 hardcover copies of Son of Heaven and 3 trade paperbacks of Daylight on Iron Mountain. I haven’t gotten around to ordering my reading copies of The Middle Kingdom yet, but I plan to soon. I can’t imagine not having hard copies of these books.

      That said, I like to read the new books ASAP. I ordered my TMK special edition as soon as I saw it listed on, and I still managed to finish reading the kindle version of the book before the physical book arrived.

      1. I envy you my friend. The special editions look beautiful.
        When the disposable income increases they are first on my list.

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