David Wingrove Q&A at The Book Plank

David’s been featured in a superb Q&A session at a book blog called The Book Plank. He goes into great detail about how he started writing, his motivations behind Chung Kuo, and a glimpse at things to come. There’s even a shout-out to this site!

Check it out now.

8 thoughts on “David Wingrove Q&A at The Book Plank”

  1. Once again, the Kindle versions of Chung Kuo from book 3 forward, have been removed from the US Amazon store. Anyone know what’s going on? It’s like Corvus wants this series to fail or something… why would they remove them?

    1. Brad,

      Can you keep an eye on this for a day or two? I’ll try and find ouit what’s happening.



          1. All of those links say “This title is not currently available for purchase” where the “add to cart” button normally is.

          2. That’s so peculiar Goonda! I’m based in Australia and I don’t see that screen at all. I wonder if it’s an issue to do with Kindle proprietary distribution rights in North America? Do the same problems exist on the Canadian Amazon site?

          3. Yeah I can get to those pages through my purchase history, but you can’t buy them. If you search the Kindle store for Wingrove normally, all you get is Son of Heaven, Daylight on Iron Mountain and the Myst Reader.

            I checked the Canada and UK versions of Amazon, all the books are available for purchase there. It’s just NA, it seems.

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