Daylight on Iron Mountain Review Roundup

Here are some reviews floating around the web for Daylight on Iron Mountain, all of them very positive. Numerical/star scores, if any, are indicated in bold. If any reviews more pop up, leave a comment with the details and I’ll add them to the list!


From Geek Syndicate:
4/5 “…a good read, fast paced and engaging…”

From The Wertzone:
4.5/5 “rammed to overflowing with political intrigue, corporate scheming, desperate struggles for human survival and, in the final section, a mind-boggling war which is vast in scope… a compelling, page-turning SF epic which leaves the reader eager for more”

From Mark Yon,
“consistent and enjoyable… the new series is starting to step up a gear and has become a must read series for me… this is a glorious development”

From Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews:
5/5 “…again impressed with the sheer depth and sense of immersion that the author manages to impart on the pages, the knowledge and research that must have gone into creating this book and the series itself is quite staggering. The result is a realistic and sobering feeling of a dystopian future… Characterisation is superb, full of human strengths, weaknesses, passions and emotions… I can honestly say that I loved every minute of this book, it’s such an incredibly rich and immersive journey…”

From The Guardian:
“Wingrove pulls off a difficult feat… Excellent.”

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