Grumbles and Updates

I’ve just received an update from David, addressing some recent concerns. Luckily, everything is going as planned. David’s message is below:


I see there are a few grumbles about my long silence. Truth is, it’s (understandably) taken the new editorial team at Corvus – Sarah and Maddie – four months to read and assimilate the list and now everything is full steam ahead. I spent last weekend proof-reading not one but two manuscripts – for Books Three and Four – and it’s going to be a book every three months from here on in. I am also working flat out to try and get me a US publisher, but in the meantime the books will be available on e-book in the States.

I’m also going to start blogging more regularly, and expect to see my thoughts on the Bo Xilai affair – maybe in three or four parts – in the next week or so.

One other factor that has made all of this a lot slower was Sue getting a new job writing for the UK’s biggest soap, Coronation Street. She’s the first new writer taken on in eight years, and she’s just served her apprenticeship and joined the writer’s team (with a proper contract and all!). It’s meant big adjustments here as the job is demanding like no other and she has to go and conference every three weeks. Adapting hasn’t been tough – it’s actually been a lot of fun – but it has been exhausting. Imagine joining the team for ER or DAYS OF OUR LIVES or any of those big shows. Corrie as it’s known regularly proves to attract the biggest audiences on UK television, and has done since its inception in 1961. It has five shows a week and a writing team of twenty, with full back-up. Sue’s taken to it like a duck to water.

I’m giving myself two weeks and then I’ll be starting on a total rewrite of Book 19 – King Of Infinite Space – alongside getting a first draft down of BURYING THE SMITH, my new fantasy work. But more of that anon. Best wishes to you all!


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  1. Good to hear, I just finished Daylight on Iron Mountain and thought it was fantastic. I’m going through the original version of the series now and am curious as to how he’ll revise it given the book splits and the new prequel material. I hope they don’t delay the US ebook editions for future volumes like they did for Daylight.

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