Monsters of the Deep release event

Mr. Wingrove has announced, via his Facebook page, that Chung Kuo book 9: Monsters of the Deep will be released on Thursday, October 19. He’ll be signing autographs that day from 6-7pm at Forbidden Planet in London.

Unfortunately, it’s an ocean away for me, so I won’t be able to attend, but if someone can go and share some pics, that would be terrific.

Also, here’s the finalized cover for Monsters:

Thanks to Jewell for beating me to this news via a comment!


6 thoughts on “Monsters of the Deep release event”

  1. Awesome! I just want to say again that I prefer these covers to the ones that had photographs of models. At this rate, what is the expected release date of the final book of the newly released series?

      1. Thanks, Matt. The cover you’re showing sure does bring back memories. In my early 20’s that’s the paperback that I read, and book 7 had just come out on paperback at the time. Naturally I binge read books 1 through 7 back-to-back. I was so immersed in this world that I was actually dreaming about it, hahaha. I’m looking forward to 2021 hoping that all the volumes will be available at that time.


  2. Was I wrong to think this was a totally new book. I know I have read this. Are the “newbooks” just a rehash of the eight books I have already bought, read and reread?

    1. Books 1 thru 8 are direct reprints of the Corvus books. Books 3 thru about 16 are re-edits of the original series books 1 thru about 7. Only the last 3 books or so should be completely new to this self-published series, but we don’t know exactly where in the series David will start adding subtle changes to tie in the new ending to the existing story.

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