Upon a Wheel of Fire released

Apologies for the late news on this as I’ve been out of the country for a couple week, but anyhow: Chung Kuo Book 11: Upon a Wheel of Fire has now been released… I think?

On Amazon UK, it is available, but David Wingrove’s name is not listed as author, possibly making it tough for some folks to find. There’s also no cover image, although of course we’ve seen it previously.

In the US, it’s only available from third-party sellers without Prime, so who knows how long it’ll take to arrive on my doorstep.

There’s no word on Kindle versions, I’m afraid. Hopefully this doesn’t take too long and we don’t face another Kindle debacle. If you know anything else I don’t, please feel free to drop a comment.

5 thoughts on “Upon a Wheel of Fire released”

  1. Hate to be pessimistic but once bitten twice shy as they say. Been almost 3 weeks since publication and still no sign of a kindle version.

  2. well, the book is there… I ordered from him directly. Some comment on facebook indicated that there should be no kindle debacle this time.

  3. i’d love to know if they’re coming back to kobo…

    i bought the paperback originals in the 90’s, and the re-released eight on kobo.

    i am not an amazon kindle customer.

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