Reminder: Monsters of the Deep Signing

Just a quick reminder that Chung Kuo Book 9: Monsters of the Deep will be released by Fragile Books on October 19 – one month’s time. David Wingrove will be signing copies that day at Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue from 6-7pm. That’s in London, I think. I don’t know, I live in Miami, where we get hurricanes. Anyhow, if anyone can send along a report or some pictures, that would be great!

6 thoughts on “Reminder: Monsters of the Deep Signing”

  1. Yeah, I can confirm it’s in London. Leicester Square to be more precise.

    It’s an area I know well and I shall definitely be attending. Looking forward to meeting David Wingrove, getting my copy signed and maybe having a brief chat if time permits.

    Can’t wait.

  2. Holy Cow, guys!!!!…. David, and all of you!!!… I just finished watching the miniseries “Altered Carbon” on netflix!!!…. David, you’ve got to see this show!!!…At times I felt like I was experiencing a live-action adaptation (a FAITHFUL one) to a novel not unlike the impact of the Chung Kuo novels!!!… Just see the show and share your thoughts about it! I’m pretty sure you’ll love this show if you see it, David!

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