Roads to Moscow, Book 2: The Ocean of Time

Happy new year everybody! Yes, I’m still here (and I hope you are, too). I haven’t heard from David since September, but I trust that all is well and that he’s keeping busy with writing.

Amazon UK has Roads to Moscow, Book 2: The Ocean of Time available for pre-order with a stated release date of March 26 – right around the corner!

Here’s the cover (click the image for hi-res version):

There’s also some additional info over at the Random House page for the book.

I’ll post any new news as it comes in… (and if anybody knows of anything I’m missing, please fill us in!)

9 thoughts on “Roads to Moscow, Book 2: The Ocean of Time”

  1. Am very close to finishing the last available book of the rewritten Chung Kuo series and realise that there is not another one behind it. Any idea when David will be getting around to the next book? So much time invested in this series.

  2. EadfI can’t be the only fan waiting desperately for any news about progress in getting Chung Kuo book 9 and onwards out to us.

    Can David or anyone else throw any light or hope?

    I’ve been waiting for “Monsters of the Deep” since the promised release date in October2014.

    It would be a dreadful thing to see this brilliant reimagining end here.

    Crowdfunding? How about advance financing? Works brilliantly for lots of bands …

  3. Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the next volume of Chung Kuo as well.

    I can understand why the series has been put on hold for the moment, but it would be a massive shame if the remaining volume do not eventually get released.

    I would be happy to contribute towards Crowdfunding or Kickstarter if that is what it takes.

  4. I think it is safe to assume that everyone reading this site is in the same boat (i.e. we are all anxious to hear news of the continuation of the Chung Kuo rewrite). David has promised us, his fans, that he will finish the series. I am hopeful that some sort of self-publishing and patreon-style arrangement will allow the series to come to a conclusion.

    (Source: )

    Unfortunatley, we have to wait while other projects, most notably Roads to Moscow which David has a contract for) are completed. I am personally excited about these other projects that are hopefully coming down the pipe (Chung Kuo extended universe, Imagine a Man, The Beast with Two Backs, The Wounded, Burying the Smith, Bai-Reh).

    In the mean time, maybe we can start up a discussion about other sci-fi related news. Last night I watched the Amazon pilot episode for The Man in the High Castle, based on Philip K. Dick’s classic alternate history novel. I was quite impressed, and I’m curious to see what direction they are going to take the story, assuming it gets picked up (which it should). Has anyone else watched it yet?

  5. Hey, I am of the same mind. Would love a glimmer of hope on Chung Kuo, I read the original series as a teenager in the 90s. Rereading it in my early 30s as a re imagining by the original author with more content was just awesome then *poof* nothing. He should put it on kickstarter I’ll donate a few bucks, if its been a good month in real estate maybe a few hundred! Ive never seen a series go Half Life 3 nor do I want too!

    In regard to si fi, I would recommend Coherence & Young Ones couple of films from last year both indie low-ish budget but both worth looking for. Plus read Wool, by hugh howrey (I think) not only have I liked but so has everyone I recommend it to. Thats it. Love to know whats going on with Chung Kuo!?!

  6. I think it’s worrying that we haven’t heard from David himself for near on 6 months now. I hope everything is okay, both professionally and personally.

  7. Just picked up The Ocean of Time!

    Dave, please tell your publisher to allow the book to be sold worldwide. I had to do the country-change trick from Amazon USA to Amazon UK to get it. Very annoying and limiting sales to UK-only obviously cannot result in good financials.

    1. I’m sure there are licensing agreements involved. And probably more important is the hope to find a US based publisher for the book. It is difficult to sell a book to a publisher if it is already available in the market.

      That said, I ordered a physical book from and they say it still hasn’t shipped, with an estimated delivery between April 1 and April 4. It would be awesome to have it April 1, because I’m going on a short vacation starting on Thursday. It’d be nice to have something new to read in the gaps between skiing and attending a wedding.

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