Six days left until Daylight!

Daylight on Iron Mountain is almost upon us! I can say, firsthand, it’s not to be missed. Pre-order your copy today!

Get the hardcover edition from here.

Get the Kindle edition from here.

Looking forward to the discussion, debates, and insights soon enough!

14 thoughts on “Six days left until Daylight!”

    1. No news on that front I’m afraid, but I know they’re trying. The minute I hear something new about it, it’ll be posted here ASAP.

  1. For the Kindle version, you can get it in the USA. To do this, you must transfer your Kindle account to the UK.

    Here is the process:
    Go to
    Click “Your Account” in the top right corner
    Log in using your email and password
    Click “Manage My Kindle”, near the bottom of the page under “Let Us Help You”
    Click “Country Settings” from the menu on the left
    Click “Change” under actions.
    Fill out the form.

    I just put in “1” under all the required fields, put in the UK under the country, and put in “N5 1BU” for the postal code (this is the code for Emirates Stadium, which I figured was fitting, considering that Wingrove follows Arsenal).

    It all worked just fine.

      1. Not at all. I just want to spread the love for Chung Kuo as much as possible. I just gave away my last copy of Son of Heaven over the weekend.

        Unfortunately, just this morning I remembered that I hadn’t ordered any hard copies of the book yet. I even forgot to order my limited edition. I’m screwed.

        1. curious…does changing your kindle settings screw up any current content? And once you get your “Daylight” copy do you change the settings back?

          1. It didn’t mess up any of my other content. So, things that you have already downloaded should be unaffected.

            I do not know how it would affect subscription services (such as newspapers, etc), but I if there is an issue, I would imagine that you could just switch the account to the UK, download Daylight, and switch back. It really should take 5 minutes or less to complete the whole process.

    1. UPDATE: Goonda…ff_ing brilliant. I’m in US…followed your instructions…purchased…changed back….all’s well. Thanks much!

    1. I called the Tiptree Book Services number this morning and they didn’t seem to have any, but the person who answered the phone did seem a little confused. I might try again tomorrow.

      For book 1, I ordered mine through, but this time they don’t show any stock. Maybe they’ll have some show up in the next few days. My brother-in-law said he found some on, but I haven’t been able to get their website to load for me, at home or at work.

      1. I had a tough time with Tiptree the first time around, too. Had to call a few times (internationally… thank Kuan Yin for Skype!) before I got anywhere. Maybe it’s my accent or something…

        No luck here with B&N UK… in fact, I wasn’t even aware they had B&N across the pond. Will keep an eye out on Amazon.

    2. has limited editions listed now! I just ordered mine (along with additional copies of Son of Heaven and Daylight).

      They are listed as “Usually dispatched within 4 to 7 weeks.” So we’ll see how long it is before my copy actually arrives.

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