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American fans can take a breath of fresh air now knowing that The Middle Kingdom has now appeared for pre-order on in both the Kindle version ($9.99) and hardcover. However, the last I heard was that The Middle Kingdom would only be released as an eBook and trade paperback, so keep an eye out on this supposed hardcover and take it with a grain of salt.

Also, the the Kindle version claims to be Book 3 of “Chung Kao.” We’ll see if that gets fixed too.

Chung Kao?

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  1. Book 3 of Kung Pao Chicken huh?

    There better be a trade paperback version… I already sprung for the trade of Book 1 and plan to get the others as I find them.

  2. OH!!!…the news keeps getting better!!!…the U.S. kindle version is set to be released October 1st!!!…i hope this release date doesn’t change. And i don’t care if it’s Chung “Horse,” as long as it’s a full revamped version of the original Middle Kingdom novel.

  3. Having a LoLcow at the Chung Kao… Really want to find a Kao Chen joke here somehow.
    October for kindle?! doesn’t have ‘real book form’ till November!

  4. Um…i have a question that’s kind of a concern. I’ve noticed that the print length of the Middle Kingdom (recast) is supposedly 448 pages for the hardcover. The paperback for the originally released version was 704 pages. This info is from the amazon site. I’m just wondering…is the new Middle Kingdom novel going to cover only the first half of the events of the originally released Middle Kingdom novel?

    1. Hi Gabe. Yes, the new sequence’s Middle Kingdom is shorter than the original first novel. The eight original series novels have been recast into eighteen volumes (with the last book seeing substantial expansion and revision), plus the two new books, SoH and DoIM. That’s probably not the answer you wanted, but I think the series as a whole will benefit from the smaller volumes.

      1. Hi Matt. Thank you for answering this so quickly. How did you know this, by the way? Did David tell you? So will we be reading the very same books, just each of them cut in half, until the differences in what used to be book 8? Or will there be additions and changes? My hopes are high for additional material and changes throughout, because 448 definitely more than half of 704, unless you take into account that there are probably fewer words on a hardback page than a paperback page. Thank you again for answering this, Matt.

        1. It’s definitely because there are fewer words on the page in these versions. The text in the original printings is smaller and more dense (total lines, words per line) compared to these new ones.

  5. I was just looking for these kindle books on the amazon US site — volume 3 is now $13.99 for pre-order, and volumes 1 and 2 are no longer available at all. Weird. Any idea what the problem is?

    1. As of today, Oct 11, 2012, the price for the Kindle version of “Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo 3)” is $9.79. Grab it while it has a low price 🙂

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