Where to buy Special Edition hardcovers

For those of you who are interested in maintaining a collection of the Special Edition hardcovers, reader Antonio has sent along a handy list of direct links:

The Special Editions can be ordered direct from Corvus here:

Son of Heaven: http://atlantic-books.co.uk/content/chung-kuo-special-edition-prequel
Daylight on Iron Mountain: http://atlantic-books.co.uk/content/chung-kuo-special-edition-daylight-iron-mountain
Middle Kingdom: http://atlantic-books.co.uk/content/chung-kuo-special-edition-middle-kingdom
Ice & Fire: http://atlantic-books.co.uk/content/chung-kuo-special-edition-ice-and-fire
Art of War: http://atlantic-books.co.uk/content/chung-kuo-special-edition-art-war

As more are released you will find them on the Corvus Atlantic Chung Kuo page: http://atlantic-books.co.uk/content/welcome-world-chung-kuo

Thanks Antonio!

As you probably know the Special Edition hardcovers are printed in extremely limited quantities and are signed and numbered by David Wingrove. They come in a black slipcase with an embossed Chung Kuo logo.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had gotten a few books behind on ordering the special editions after Amazon.co.uk couldn’t fulfill my order for the Art of War special edition.

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