A little bit of downtime never hurt anybody

Maybe some of you noticed (but hopefully not), we were down for a couple days during some domain renewal nonsense. A word to the wise: avoid GoDaddy (the unfortunate registrar and host of this site) if at all possible. I’ve had nothing but terrible experiences from all angles. Bluehost (where I have all my other domains and hosting) is far and away a better service. I’d have switched this one over, but, alas, I wasn’t feeling up to backing up and restoring on a new server the WordPress, the phpBB, the wiki, etc., etc.

BUT, have no fear – this site isn’t going anywhere. As much as ever, I’m committed to keeping this site as the best resource for all things Chung Kuo and other Wingrove-related works outside of the official site. Soon (this week, hopefully), I’ll be posting a one year retrospective with a bit of a personal introspection thrown into the mix. That’s right! It’s been one year since the site’s been up and one year since Son of Heaven was released.

So until then, take care! Need something to read? Go find a copy of The Myst Reader. More on that, too, soon.


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