All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Just an update for update’s sake, and to prove that I’m still here… Corvus’s website, although not prominently featured, has listed The Middle Kingdom (Book 3 in the reworked sequence) as being released on September 1 of this year in trade paperback and eBook format (no word about the hardcover… curious). No sign of it on though.

David hasn’t posted anything in a while on the official site in a while – over two months to be exact. I’m sure he’s busy with Chung Kuo prequels or An English Boy or Roads to Moscow. Hopefully he hasn’t been carted off by the CCP or something. The Twitter feed‘s been quiet for a while too. I’m hoping no news is good news.

If any news comes up, it’ll be here the moment I hear of it. Until then, zaijian!

3 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Eastern Front”

  1. And “Daylight on Iron Mountain” is still not in the US Kindle store. I’d love to buy it, but apparently Corvus doesn’t want my money… they are taking a long time to get these books released, not sure how they’re going to make the 2015 finish date.

    I ended up buying the out of print versions of Chung Kuo used off eBay because it didn’t look like Corvus would be getting the new ones out anytime soon… I’ll still buy the re-released versions because I’m curious to see how Wingrove revised it, but the lack of info from both parties is a bit concerning to me.

    1. You can buy the UK kindle version and put it on your US kindle. I was nervous about doing this at first but it turned out to be really easy with no problems. It’s just a matter of switching the nationality of your kindle for a few minutes, buying the book, and then switching it back. It’s real easy if you want to know how.

  2. Thanks for the update…was really beginning to wonder. Numerous emails I’ve sent off to Corvus regarding fresh publication dates for the rest of the books in the series remain unanswered (not a promising sign).

    Does anyone know how many of the original series was released in hardback? I have the first three volumes in hb, but have not been able to dig up any of the rest in hb.

    Thanks again!

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