Master of Time has shipped!

I just got my email confirmation (as have several of you who noted in the comments) that Master of Time, the conclusion to Wingrove’s Roads to Moscow trilogy, has shipped. Unfortunately,  since I live in the USA, Amazon UK is sending it via carrier pigeon or tugboat or something, so it’ll be a while before I get my hands on it. The American release date is in July, it seems, although the Kindle version is available in the states tomorrow. I might have to do that. Happy reading, to those of you who get it soon!

10 thoughts on “Master of Time has shipped!”

  1. I’ve received my copy. Looking forward to getting stuck into it during the Easter holiday.

    Now that RTM is done and dusted and out of the way, hopefully it will be all hands on deck regarding the CK series. After some really positive news towards the end of last year things seems to have gone quiet again.

    Hopefully, it’s just been a case of finishing up one project and tying up any associated loose ends before moving onto the next one.

    I’ll await any and all news with bated breath!

  2. Me too! Even re-read the final chapters of Book 2 to prepare. Downloaded this morning and already several pages in after just wanting to read the opening paragraph. David’s writing style is just so vivid and easy to take in (especially for 1st person which i personally don’t enjoy but I’m loving this.)

  3. Excellent news that master of time is released. Look forward to reading it soon. My pre order has arrived!

    And yes let’s hope to hear more about chung kuo soon…

    If the books are written already and just need publishing I’d buy them all tomorrow!

    1. Received my copy, awesome!
      But they change the book size/format again, same like Corvus did in the middle of Chung Kuo…arrrghh!!!

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