Master of Time in the house!

I finally received my copy of Master of Time today. It’s a little beat up from the transatlantic journey, but it’s here. Reading the first few pages, I’m realizing that I remember basically nothing from the first two books. Either I read the first two books way too quickly, or I’m starting to get old, or my brain is turning to mush from being in a PhD program. I suspect it’s probably a function of all three.

Anyhow, I expect it will come back to me as I make some progress. I may check in periodically with some reflections.

If anybody would like to leave any spoiler-free thoughts about the last book in the Roads to Moscow trilogy in the comments below, please do!

One thought on “Master of Time in the house!”

  1. Just finished Master of Time: stunning.

    I can’t pretend to have understood or followed everything, but somehow that just doesn’t matter; you just hang on and go with the ride.

    I think I will have to go back and read the whole trilogy again, back to back. Things may then slot into place a bit better.

    But – to recap – stunning.

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