Master of Time in the house!

I finally received my copy of Master of Time today. It’s a little beat up from the transatlantic journey, but it’s here. Reading the first few pages, I’m realizing that I remember basically nothing from the first two books. Either I read the first two books way too quickly, or I’m starting to get old, or my brain is turning to mush from being in a PhD program. I suspect it’s probably a function of all three.

Anyhow, I expect it will come back to me as I make some progress. I may check in periodically with some reflections.

If anybody would like to leave any spoiler-free thoughts about the last book in the Roads to Moscow trilogy in the comments below, please do!

2 thoughts on “Master of Time in the house!”

  1. Just finished Master of Time: stunning.

    I can’t pretend to have understood or followed everything, but somehow that just doesn’t matter; you just hang on and go with the ride.

    I think I will have to go back and read the whole trilogy again, back to back. Things may then slot into place a bit better.

    But – to recap – stunning.

  2. I bought the UK edition thinking it’d match my trade paperback-sized UK editions of books 1 and 2. I’m so irrationally irritated that I paid extra to get a book that matches the others no better than the North American edition would have. The only consolation is that I got it early – assuming I can actually fit it into my schedule before the local release.

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