Photos of first eight Chung Kuo proofs

Mr. Wingrove just posted on his Facebook page some photos of him showing off the beautiful proofs of the re-re-release of the first eight Chung Kuo books, featuring the Jim Burns-designed dragon ouroboros. See photos below.

Dare I say that they look even better in these photos then they as the raw images? Looking forward to having these on the bookshelf. That is, if Mrs. Giftsandstones will let me make room on the bookshelf next to the all the other Chung Kuo/Myst/Roads to Moscow books.

Also… the staff here at Of Gifts and Stones also unanimously support the return of Mr. Wingrove’s beard. This is certainly a good omen for the future of the series release, since it was absent for the Corvus release (and look what happened there).

Back to finishing Master of Time. More news as it comes.



7 thoughts on “Photos of first eight Chung Kuo proofs”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. I agree they look even better in these photos.

    I also noticed Mr Wingrove mention on his Facebook page the release date for the first 8 books will be June 22nd (I’m assuming theyre getting released at the same time?) And book 9 will be coming around September time. This is great news, can’t wait.

    I’m glad I live in London so hopefully getting some signed copies won’t be too difficult to arrange.

  2. “Also… the staff here at Of Gifts and Stones also unanimously support the return of Mr. Wingrove’s beard. ”

    The staff? I always thought this website was a one man show? :-p

  3. I’m particularly looking forward to the republication/rewrite of the Marriage of the Living Dark.

    I love science fiction, but this volume as currently stands, just doesn’t seem to fit with the all the previous world-building. Yes, there were a number of metaphysical threads that needed to be tied up, but Marriage was just too weird to tie in with the rest of Chung Kuo.

    However, I wasn’t too disappointed as I know Mr W has his own reservations too and is targeting this last volume. And nothing changes the fact that Chung Kuo is simply the best series of books I have ever read. Sorry if that sounds OTT but the world of Chung Kuo just thoroughly absorbed me. I will be reading all the new-style books

  4. They sure do look pretty in the flesh. I had just decided that I wouldn’t go organic and just get the electronic versions instead but now….

    (And totally support the return of the beard, David!)

    1. Sure look pretty. Will buy paper ones if I’ll be able to, and totally buying electronic versions for reading anywhere.

  5. Anyone knows if books will be re-re-released on Amazon? Costs of British-published books here in Ukraine is prohibitive, so I bought all existing re-release books in electronic format for my Kindle.

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