More Roads to Moscow news

Friend of Of Gifts and Stones, Goonda, reports in:

It looks like book 2 of Roads to Moscow will be called “The Language Of The Blood”.  Both books are listed on (both have prices, book 1 also has description and release date) and book 1 is listed on (no info at all, just a title)

Thanks for sending that in. This is starting to look exciting!

3 thoughts on “More Roads to Moscow news”

    1. I think we are in better shape on this one.

      The Recast Chung Kuo is published by Corvus, which is an imprint of Atlantic Books. Atlantic Books is an independent British publisher, who doesn’t have much in the way of an American presence.

      Roads to Moscow, on the other hand, is being published by Del Rey, an imprint of Random House, which is part of the newly merged Penguin Random House, one of the largest publishing groups in the world. While I wouldn’t be surprised of the series is initially published only for the British market, the path towards global distribution would appear to be much smoother with the power of a huge multinational corporation involved.

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