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Now that Wingrove’s new series Roads to Moscow has found a publisher, I face a dilemma with this site. Should Of Gifts and Stones remain solely focused on Chung Kuo, or should I cover other of David Wingrove’s works as well? Help me out and click on the poll below. Comments are welcome, too.

3 thoughts on “Site dilemma…”

  1. I voted for Everything Wingrove.

    I don’t think there would be any loss to Chung Kuo content by adding coverage of David’s other works, and as things stand Chung Kuo will continue to be the dominant topic for discussion. It helps that, by the time The Empire of Time is published, Chung Kuo will have been around for 25 years and have 16 published volumes with a further 12 to come. And that isn’t even counting the huge collection of extended universe stuff that is released and planned.

    Besides, David has been very generous in providing content for this site over the last few years. I think it could be nice for him to continue having a single point of contact for his fan base.

    Of course, once Roads to Moscow is published, this all may have to be reevaluated. We can only hope it ends up becoming a huge critical and popular success that will cause this site to completely out grow the limits of Matt’s generosity.

  2. Make it everything Wingrove, keep the site name.

    Nice to see his other series getting picked up… I’m finishing up the Myst Reader for the first time and was wondering if he was going to ever get something else published. Will be getting it for sure, though I assume there will be a delay releasing it on my side of the pond.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with keeping Wingrove fans abreast of his other projects on this site. This is the first I’ve heard that Roads to Moscow will finally be published.

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