New MK review, The Finding, other goings on

Goonda has sent along word of another review of The Middle Kingdom, this one by From their review:

…it should be obvious that this is a complex and lengthy scenario where the reader is expected to be in for the long game and therefore and not everything is resolved here in The Middle Kingdom. What keeps the reader’s interest is the juxtaposition between all these disparate and often conflicting elements […] In the hands of a lesser writer, the different perspectives… would degenerate into stereotypes […] I’m pleased to type that it is as good as I remembered it […] somebody, somewhere will label it as ‘SF’s equivalent of A Game of Thrones’, though Chung Kuo was first published seven years before […] supremely effective.  It’s engaging, it’s exciting and it’s great to be back in the Chung Kuo world. I envy anyone yet to read this for the first time.

Agreed, Agreed.

In other news, David reports that he has just finished a draft of The Finding, which ended up larger than expected and will be a novella rather than the planned short story. Next up for David will be Filial Piety and The Dragon in the Earth, the latter of which is planned to be a 70,000 short novel. You can read these over in the Expanded Universe article. Lastly, David has signed all of the special editions of Ice and Fire, and the trade paperback of the same books looks great. He’s also planning on sending over a blog post on the nine new Politburo members, which hopefully we’ll see soon.

That’s all for now.

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