Publication Day: The Stone Within (CK Book 10)

The Stone Within, Book 10 of the Fragile Books re-publication of the Chung Kuo series, is finally published today…  sort of.

Prior to today, it was not available for pre-order or even appearing on any bookstore’s site in either the UK or the US, leaving some of us worried about the volume’s fate. Currently, it’s on the Amazon UK site (not the US, for those of us stateside), but it’s showing as out of stock. A Kindle version is not yet available, either.

Hopefully this will change soon as Amazon receives copies and makes an e-book version available. More news as it comes.

16 thoughts on “Publication Day: The Stone Within (CK Book 10)”

  1. Does anyone know if this is simply a reprint of the original Chung Kuo VOl. 4 book “The Stone Within” or does it have newly added material? Simply asking because although it would fit as a set into the new releases, if its the same book I can’t afford to buy it again.

  2. Still waiting for the Kindle version in USA. My query email to Fragile Media appears to be undeliverable. Does anyone know what is going on?

      1. I tried and did not hear back. I sent another message today- we’ll see. My email to Fragile Media returned a permanent failure today.

        1. I did hear back from David. There have been some issues but they are hoping to have the Kindle versions available on Amazon soon.

  3. i gave up, sort of. I will buy all these new editions, but I also started to buy the old original print in used form (only had the German editions, cancelled half way through, and then Corvus editions).

    Not gonna take the risk of not being able to complete the series again.

    I just wonder, except the all new ending, how much the other books actually differ…

  4. I hope the wheels are already in motion regarding the release of the next book. Can’t be doing with a release cycle of 1 book per year, I’m sure we would all agree that would be too long. We should hopefully, get a book every 6 months, ideally 3 months (although that’s being a tad optimistic methinks!).

    All being well, I would urge Mr David Wingrove to get a move on!

  5. According to the schedule on his website, he should have had the 2 books *after* The Stone Within published by now.

    Book 10 – THE STONE WITHIN – February 2018

    Book 11 – UPON A WHEEL OF FIRE – June 2018

    Book 12 – BENEATH THE TREE OF HEAVEN – October 2018

    It’s a bit of a bummer. I reluctantly started accumulating the paperback versions of the recast. Then they were supposedly dropped by the publisher so I started buying the Kindle versions. I really hope he is able to finish the series.

  6. From David’s Facebook page, 1/29/2019:

    ” You would not believe the saga! Believe me, the Kindle version left us MONTHS ago, but because our Marketing guy left and his contact details are the ones Kindle has, e-mails are going round and round because they refuse to deal with us because it’s his details on the account, even though he’s written to them explaining. I kid you not! Anyhow, we think we may have cracked it! Hope to update at the beginning of next week. We’re as frustrated as you are, but our apologies anyway. Best wishes. DW”

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