Welcome Otto

David’s reveal of the Son of Heaven cover was today’s big news, but I think this is even bigger. Goonda, an Of Gifts and Stones regular, sends this along:

Otto Meleyco Shaffer, born Dec 15, 2016 at 5:11 pm Pacific time. His first name was inspired by Otto Behr, from Roads to Moscow, and his middle name is a Russian family name from his maternal grandmother’s side of the the family.


Many congratulations to Goonda and family! This certainly beats my Chung Kuo-themed eBay username…

7 thoughts on “Welcome Otto”

    1. He is doing great, except for the whole not-sleeping-last-night thing.

      Looking forward to the next book. Just 4 days away.

      1. And I just received the notice that my order from Amazon.co.uk was shipped today. Estimated delivery around April 24th, but in my experience they tend to be much quicker than that.

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