Chung Kuo’s New Look

The new cover designs for the first eight books Chung Kuo books have been completed. The cover for Daylight on Iron Mountain was released on David Wingrove’s Facebook page earlier today, and a new cover will be released daily through Saturday. Each cover features the ouroboros created by Jim Burns and will feature a different color. The Daylight cover is below, and when all eight our out, I’ll post all eight. Mr. Wingrove did let me know that he’d like everybody’s feedback, writing, “I think they’re stunning, and classy and immensely collectable, but let’s hear from you guys. Is the New Look one you like? Let me know. ”

The first eight books will be released in trade paperback and e-book this spring, and Book 9, Monsters of the Deep, will be released shortly thereafter. That’ll be the first Chung Kuo release in three years!

More news at it comes!

Daylight on Iron Mountain final cover

6 thoughts on “Chung Kuo’s New Look”

  1. I still like these new cover designs. In a very minor nit-pick, I prefer the Son of Heaven cover slightly better than this one because the tessellated pattern in the background stands out a bit more strongly with the gold on red color pattern.

    That said, I totally understand the complaints that some have had about the lack of more elaborate artworks. It is always interesting to see the different visions that artists and the author have in their minds. I would love to see more of this kind of artwork, but I have always personally preferred the classy minimalist look. Hopefully, as the series gains popularity, we’ll see the development of a database of fan art, or maybe even some official published art connected to the extended universe.

  2. Are the first eight books going to be the same content as the corvus releases? I already own the first 8 ebooks and there dosn’t seem much point re buying for nice colourful covers on my kindle 🙂

  3. I liked the Corvus covers at first but thought they were running out of steam and were getting quite samey…so am happy at the change in direction.

    I like these simple but effective new covers…nice feel to them. Some heavy hitting quotes at the top of the books as well, which will help for people flicking through books / book lists or maybe looking to try something new and unsure.

    I hope there are some good backers to the project and people with reach into all the stores (online and actual shops) to get these placed and promoted to give it the push it needs.

    As anyone who’s read any of the books knows, it is an incredible series! It just needs to get out there shoved in front of peoples noses so they can try it and get converted like we all did many years ago!

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